Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Dead End Prospect

Levi was in a polyamorous relationship with Improv leader.   His head was shaved and his beard was short but full.  He almost always wore a sharp hipster hat low over his grey eyes.  He oozed sex appeal wherever he went.  She frequently saw him out on dates with other woman, though he didn't seem to stay with one for long.  She'd run into him occasionally while she was out at events, and they hadn't really spoken except for one meaningful conversation where he had comforted her after her separation.  His words meant a lot to her, so she had included him on her birthday letter.  A day or so later he responded.

"Hello my dear,

This is perfect because I've been meaning to take you out for a proper evening.  I will think on what you've said and propose something.

Love, always,


A smile plastered across her face.  She was so freaking easy to please.  Just show her a little attention and she melted.  She showed everyone the email, she was giddy.

A few days later she saw him at the Improv show and greeted him with "Your email made me swoon a little.  I showed everyone."

Levi gave her a sexy smile and said "Well that's nothing compared to the date I'll plan.  I just have one question: are you ready?"

Her eyebrow raised, amused.  She hadn't had the opportunity to flirt in a very long time.  She found that although she hadn't been using the muscles, they were still just as strong as ever.

"Oh I'm ready.  I've never been more excited for a date that I know isn't going anywhere."

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow as he said "How do you know that?  Penny, I don't have any pure intentions for this date."


"None whatsoever."

"Well, at least I get a proper evening first though right?  Then the impurity will begin?"

"Yep...are you ready?  You better get ready."

"Oh I'll be ready.  You better make it so hot that I need to Facebook Live the whole thing."

"It'll be Facebook Live Worthy.  Just you wait.  Like I said, I'll think about it and let you know soon."

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