Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Free Weekend Part 1

"I know it's sort of late notice, but if you and AB are free, let's go to the arcade bar tonight!"  She also texted JJ, thinking that there was no way he was going to respond.

It was Saturday night, and she was finally out of enough depression to want to see the people that she really cared about.  Banana was mysteriously missing from her place at the bar, wooing a potential new partner elsewhere.

The group of introverts soon grew overwhelmed by the din of the games mixed with the growing crowd and decided to walk over to the other bar for some quiet conversation.  They talked about the poor crowds in the new BFF's new theatre space, how things weren't going well over there.  They thought she knew about it because of Banana's involvement, but in reality she and Banana talked more about interpersonal relationships than actual business. 

JJ was getting tired, starting to yawn, when JJ walked in.

"Just to let you know, I was just saying we were about to take off, so it has nothing to do with your arrival."  PJ said to JJ.

She and JJ decided to stay at the bar, and said goodbye to AB and PJ.  After a couple of drinks they made their way upstairs, mostly because there were comfy couches where she'd made out with two other guys before.  She thought maybe JJ found that to be a challenge, because she'd mentioned it earlier. 

Soon they were chatting and making out occasionally upstairs.  They had the chat they always had, about how he was incapable of a real relationship, how bad he was at communication, and the potential for a threesome between them and Mel.

"You wouldn't have done it!" He teased.

"I don't know, I was drunk enough.  But you missed your window, I got tired."

"Well, next time I'll ply you with booze and some protein bars."

After some more making out he said "Your laugh is always tinged with sarcasm.  I never know if you are laughing because you are amused or you are laughing AT me."

She answered him by kissing him and laughing ambiguously.  He was too emotionally needy to be satisfied by her. 

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