Monday, February 20, 2017

Celebrate Good Times Now Stop

"We have to go out tonight to celebrate your new job!  How exciting is that!?!?"  MG exclaimed.

In reality, she was exhausted.  It had been a hard week for her, without much sleep.  She knew she wouldn't be sleeping in anytime soon.  MG seemed determined, however, so they set out to celebrate.  Banana joined them and MG took no time in tossing her drinks back quickly.

They moved onto another bar where MG immediately befriended a group of people and started the giant Truth or Dare Jenga game the bar provided.  She tried to play with them but really wasn't feeling it.  She went and talked to some other friends she saw at the bar, and then told them she was going to walk home.  She asked Banana to watch over MG and drive her to her apartment later so she could sleep it off.

On her way home she encountered a couple where the male was attempting jumping on a rock that went horribly wrong.  He went down fast and hard, and her heart went out to him.

"Buddy, are you okay?" She asked, walking over to him.  He stood up fast, and before she knew what was happening he had shoved her.  He was extremely inebriated, so it was a weak push, but it was a shove just the same.  "Hey, stay away from me!"

"Dude, why do you have to have so much hate in your heart?" She asked, almost yelling at him.  He looked almost ashamed, as his girlfriend apologized for his behavior.  She walked away without another word.  She had obviously had a little too much to drink herself.

She left her apartment unlocked, made up the couch, and went to sleep.  Her dehydrated body woke her two hours later, demanding water.  After she gulped some down, she realized it was past last call and there was no MG on her couch.

She went back and forth texting MG, who was clearly 10 times more drunk than when she left her.  She got into the car to drive down where she was to pick her up.  MG became angry and said she could take care of herself, and hung up on her.

She left a scathing message on MG's voicemail, threatening not only not moving in with her, but stopping being her friend altogether.

Eventually she found her on the street.  She yelled at her to get in the car, and MG ended up puking in the parking garage for a few minutes.

The next morning they took a sobriety pack together.

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