Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You See, It's Like This...

She opened her car door 4 hours after the fact, and the interior still smelled of his breath.  The scent of Starburst shared from the movie, his beer, and heavy conversation had stayed behind all night as if to signal it's importance.

Last night it had become humid and uncomfortable in the car near the end, but otherwise she could have stayed there forever, having a conversation that would never be finished, maybe for the rest of their lives. She imagined them up in heaven having existential conversations, never realizing that they had themselves become existential.  They would look up one day and realize this was their heaven.

The air conditioner and her essential oils blew away his comforting smell as the long drive to work dwindled onward.  She almost missed the warmth of it, then realized that even without the smell it had still happened, no one could take it away.  He had shared a big part of what made him who he was, and that was precious.  She had wanted to share too, to support him in his words.  However there was too much to say, and so that night she had said nothing.  There would always be time later. 


She drove under the overpass that lead to his house and set the cruise control as she sailed under it, wondering if that was a metaphor for something.

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