Friday, July 31, 2015


She sat by the picnic table reading the book he had suggested, thinking about how he'd liked all her social media that day but had yet to text her.  She was upset how much it bothered her.  She needed to shake this attachment to him.

She tried to concentrate on the book, but her mind wandered.  She remembered a couple weeks ago when he told her he would hold off the rain so she could have lunch outside.  She pretended to be mad when lunch came around and it had just started to rain, as if he had caused it to mess with her.  There had also been a deep rumbling of thunder just over the towering mountains. She found an awning and and bench so she could enjoy the book, and told him that he was off the hook.  It was the last time she remembered being able to concentrate on this book, but she was almost done with it.

Today was hot and dry, at least 97 degrees.  No chance of chance of anything.

Yet she could still hear the thunder rumbling.  It sounded like it was coming from the mountains, but she was sure it was also coming from inside her.

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