Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Year of Our Lord

Theo had agreed to meet her at her favorite bar.  It was within walking distance, but when the time came she was tired and walked to the parking garage to get her car out.

She found it completely blocked in by new cars on either side of her.  She sighed, sucked it up, and walked through the park, texting an apology for how late she was going to be.

Of course, she ended up being there about the same time as a friend of his dropped him off.  She winced when she realized, again,  that she was there without a car by choice, whereas he still had everyone drive him around.

They had bonded over dead dad stuff before, and they obviously had sexual chemistry.  But he had some serious dealbreakers.  He'd never learned how to drive and he was 30 years old.  He didn't seem to have any kind of idea for his future--he said he was content to just be.

She talked about all these things with him, and he didn't seem to be worried about them not having a future together.  He seemed cocksure that he was going to change her mind, win her over.

She told him that if he meant it he could get a license and a car.  He complained that it was too expensive, and she pointed out that he made more money than she did, took her out to expensive drinks, so he had plenty of money.  All he needed to do was save up a little.

She knew that he wouldn't, and she also knew it wouldn't go that far anyway.  She was okay with a casual fact it seemed like the perfect thing for right now.

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