Monday, October 30, 2017

The Take Over, The Breaks Over

She and Mel had an emotional night.  She wasn't sure how they had come upon it, but he had decided before they went any further she deserved to know some dark secrets about him.  They turned out to not be dark so much as unfortunate circumstances he'd been faced with in his past.  He was clearly torn up over them though, but she said that she understood and didn't think any less of him because of it.

They were a little drunk, and she told him that she did like him, and that if he wanted to be exclusive, she would be for him.  He told her that her being with other people took the pressure off him, even though he wasn't seeing anyone else.  "If you ever feel differently let me know, okay?" She asked him.  Mel nodded.

The next day she got a text from Theo.  He was going to ask the other girl to be his girlfriend.  She immediately texted back that she was happy for him, which she was.  Wholeheartedly.  Mel had been there for her when Theo just let her fall to the wayside.  This was the way things should be. 

She told him she felt him pulling away and it was okay, she was glad that he was happy. 

"I wasn't trying to pull away seemed like you got busy honestly but you're too special to me I still want to talk to you and hang out."

Then he said he wasn't going to ask her to be his girlfriend right away, and she knew that he was playing games with her.  He wanted her to say don't do it.  He was being manipulative.  She was even more glad to be rid of him, but still stayed diplomatic.  He did not.  He fucked with her time and kept rescheduling their last date until she told him to forget the whole thing.  Good riddance and good luck to the new girlfriend.  She was sure going to need. it.

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