Monday, September 4, 2017

Goodbye Breakfast Dates

Mel didn't want to leave for 10 days not seeing her, so he asked to take her to breakfast the morning before he left.

He'd worked a graveyard shift and was blurry eyed when he texted that he was at the base of her building.  His sunglasses covered half his face, and he was leaning casually against the side of his car.

He apologized for the traffic that had made him late, and she leaned into him and reached up for a kiss.  It was sweet and playful, and any anger he might have had towards the traffic melted away.

The conversation was fun and easy as always.  She was always worried they were a few sentences away from not having anything to say to each other anymore, but something interesting always came up.  She would always laugh and tell him when he did something stupid, but how cute he was.

She realized he had never taken any of her quizzes and how crazy that seemed.  She made a mental note to have him take it when he got back.

He pulled up across the street from her work and parked the car.  He sweetly reached for her and kissed her gently, then more intensely.  It floored her how sexually charged they were when she hadn't given him a second thought a couple of months ago.  She told him to have an amazing time.

She sent him a message that she was already missing him.  He sent back "Awwwww, I'm gonna miss you too."

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