Friday, September 1, 2017

Driving Mr. Drunky

Her head had just hit the pillow, the taste of a good kiss still on her lips, when the intercom for the building rang her phone.

It was 21.  He was drunk, alone, and had lost his phone and his ID.  She buzzed him up and he was in her bathroom peeing for what felt like forever.  He was belligerent, repetitive, and annoying.  Without both a phone and an ID, she had no other real choice but to drive him home.  She couldn't even put him in an Uber because he couldn't tell her exactly where he lived.

"Far." He said.

They stopped by the bar where he thought he lost his ID and they told him they didn't have it.   She drove all the way out to the other side of town where eventually they got to his house.  He kept saying all the same things; how drunk he was, how he was missing out on a beautiful boy that he tried to follow into a bar but they wouldn't let him through the door because he didn't have his ID, how his friends had ditched him.

She figured she had nothing to lose and told him he ruined a perfectly awesome night.  "What were you doing?"

"Well I was out all night with JJ, and he was a perfect gentleman and we made out at the front of the building.  I really wanted that to be the last thing I thought about tonight.

"He wouldn't make out with you?  I'll make out with you." 21 responded.  "21 I'll never want to make out with you."

He was a mess.  Coming home the freeway was closed due to construction, so she took the sides streets home and ended up getting back home close to 6 AM.

She wasted the entire next day sleeping before her dinner plans at 5:30 PM.

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