Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Plans Meant to be Broken

Nameless: "The...mainly tying you up, bending you over and giving you a spanking...and maybe if you beg just right giving you those little bites you like all over your body."

"Hmm, when exactly will you be doing all this exciting stuff to me?"

The date wasn't ideal.  Her body wouldn't be down for sex that week.  "Am I still cute even if you can't have sex with me when you come?"  She asked.

"Well I guess.  At least you can be my drinking partner." He responded.  She rolled her eyes.

A few weeks later, and he wasn't coming after all.  "Boss just put me on a new experiment...I will be busy for the next few weeks.  I also won't be up until after Thanksgiving now."

She was disappointed, but put it out of her mind.

Goldie brought up the weekend and her plans on Friday, and she had told her that her plans had been canceled.  She ended up committing to dog-sitting.

A few days later, another text from Nameless.  "I was thinking about you last night.  I was thinking about the last time I saw you..then about some of the things we talked about that may or may not be done to you the next time I saw you."

"You were being naughty and thinking about restraining me?  That's an exciting thought."

He responded "I was just thinking about stuff like that.  I wish you could fly up to Portland with me next week.  Wednesday through Friday.  You should fly up...just take these days off."

She smirked to herself.  She really enjoyed their tête-à-têtes.  Just his text tone could make her smile.  She was so happy that she got the occasional words of affirmation from him.  She was slowly realizing that she was never going to get everything in one this might be a good start.

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